The corporation

The corporation

The Festival des couleurs de Rigaud's Corporation is a non-profit organization (NPO) consisting of a seven-member board of directors and a general management team. Its main mission is to organize an autumnal event to showcase Mount Rigaud, including the L’escapade Trails of the City of Rigaud and local tourist businesses.

ITS HISTORY : Established in 1997 by business people from Rigaud, the Corporation held its very first festival at Mont Rigaud Ski Center. A few years later, a new hub of activities was created at the former Rigaud train station. The arrival of the train departing from Montreal's Central Station, carrying 800 people, was a highly anticipated activity for the townspeople who could travel by train to Rigaud. Upon their arrival, many citizens awaited to welcome them; there was a small market of flavors and craft exhibitions on the street. Subsequently, people boarded shuttles and headed directly to Mont Rigaud Ski Center.

TODAY : Since then, the Festival has continued to grow and welcome visitors who annually flock to the mountain during the Thanksgiving holiday. Many activities are renewed each year, including the Flavors Market, the Artisan Space, the ascent of Mount Rigaud via the L’escapade Trails, as well as activities and performances for all audiences. It's a festive, unifying, and family-oriented event!

Board of Directors


Chairwoman: Isabelle Verdier

Vice-president : David Vallée 

Secretary : Marie-Claude Pilon

Treasurer : Édith de Haerne

Administrator : Stephan Fecteau

Representatives of the City of Rigaud: Anne-Marie Déziel, Yves Pelletier

General Management

Christiane Lévesque, Executive Director

Support for the general management
  • Dominic Larivée, adjoint à la direction
  • Océane Giguère, Production Assistant
  • Loïk Brabant


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Marie-Noëlle Héon


  • André Roy 
  • Samuel Giguère 
  • Megane Guindon
  • Bertrand Robillard
Stage Management
  • Martin Lebel
  • Claudie Crevier
Merchant Selection
  • Isabelle Verdier
  • David Vallée
First Aid Committee
  • Martin Lebel
Bar and Technology Committee
  • Stephan Fecteau
  • Michel Fecteau
Logistics Committee
  • Dominic Larivée
  • Anne-Marie Déziel 
  • Marie-Claude Poirier
  • Édith de Haerne
  • Isabelle Verdier
Vox Pop 
  • Marie-Claude Pilon
  • Majorik Robert
Social Networks 
  • Espace Fluo